🔽 Q:What are the differences between RELX Infinity and RELX Essential Device?
  1. Our Infinity Device is 2020 German Dot Award Winning Product;with 380mAh battery life;adapted to Infinity wireless charger case;Super Smooth Technology; crafted to perfection in the hand;15 Puff vibration reminder;Perfect choice of RELX 4th generation!

    Essential adapted with Infinity Pro Pods and Infinity Pods;without 15 puff vibration reminder function;unable to use with Infinity wireless charger case;350mAh battery life;Essential the entry-level choice.

🔽 Q:What are the difference between Classic and Infinity Device?
  1. Classic Device have no vibration function;unable to charge wirelessly;uses Micro USB cable charger;only use with Classic pods.

    Infinity Device has 15 puff vibration design; Super Smooth Technology;Exclusive Flavours;Only use with Infinity Pro and Pod Pods.

🔽 Q:What are the difference between Ceramic (Pro) and Cotton pods?
  1. The advantage of the ceramic core is that every puff is extremely smooth and does not irritate the throat (Super Smooth technology); Leak-proof design, a smooth taste and perfect smoke volume to make every puff enjoyable.

    Cotton pods is a cotton wick technology (the cotton absorbs the E-liquids and heats up), which has the advantage of delivering a denser volume of smoke, a more layered taste and a more 'reductive' flavours impact (more fruit flavours and limited flavours). New technology reduces the possibility of E-liquids leaks, and the beauty of 'cotton' is achieved with small, slow puffs!


Pre-sales Q&A

🔽 Q:What is RELX Infinity Charger Case?
  1. The RLEX Infinity wireless charging case is an accessory specially designed for the RELX 4 generation Infinity Device. Which charge the Device wirelessly. With a 1000 mAh battery capacity, it can bring 3-4 full charges to the Infinity Device and the unique design protects the cleanliness of the pods!

🔽 Q:How long can a single pod last?
  1. A RELX Generation (Classic) pod is tested at between 600-650 puffs (2ML of E-liquids per pod) depending on the individual's usage, with each cartridge being equal to 2-3 packs of cigarettes; the actual duration of the cartridge is influenced by the user's smoking habits.

    A RELX IV (Infinity) pod is tested at between 550-600 puffs (1.9ML of E-liquids per pod) depending on the individual's usage, with each cartridge equal to 2-3 packs of cigarettes; the actual duration of the cartridge is affected by the user's usage habits.

🔽 Q:How to charge my device?
  1. RELX Generation 1 (Classic) device are charged using a Micro USB cable (included with the product) and take 45 minutes to charge. The Classic device light are always on when fully charged and can be used for 2-3 days on a full charge (subject to frequency of use).

    The RELX Infinity device is charged with a Type-C cable (included with the product) and takes 40-45 minutes to charge. The Infinity device light turns off on a full charge and lasts 2-3 days on a full charge (subject to frequency of use).

🔽 Q:How long can my device last for?
      The RELX Classic and Infinity device are designed to last as long as possible. As long they are not damaged by uncontrollable factors and only need to be cleaned regularly to maintain the build-up of warm and cold liquids from the atomization of the device.

(Note* All series of devices are not suitable for fast charging and it is not recommended that customers use them while charging or overcharging. If the battery is damaged due to any of the above reasons, it is considered to be man-made damage and is not covered by the after-sales service.)

🔽 Q:Is it universal for RELX Classic or Infinity?
    1. The RELX Classic and RELX Infinity device are not universal!

    (They cannot use the same pods)


After Sales Q&A:

🔽 Q:Why is there a sizzling and popping sound when vape?
  1. This phenomenon is common with cotton pods and is a normal part of usage, so don't worry. It is caused by unstable pressure (uneven heating) of the E-liquids in the pod during atomization. It is recommended to vape slowly with small puffs or to use Pro ceramic pods.

🔽 Q:Why is my device flashing red light?
  1. 1. The battery is dead; the device may not have any power left when you first take it out, so please charge it for 30-40 minutes before using it (Classic device full charged light is off, Infinity fully charged the light is always on)

    2. Short-circuiting; possibly caused by condensation at the base of the pod seeping into the circuit and causing over-power protection. Try wiping the condensation from the contact points of the device with a paper towel/cotton swab and wiping the condensation from the bottom of the cartridge before using it.

    3. Remove the pod, blow as hard as possible on the inside of the stem to keep the air holes clear, knock the pod on the table a few times, and then put it back into use.

    4. Try to remove the short-circuiting mechanism of the device by repeatedly pulling the cartridge inside the device 10 times.

🔽 Q: No Smoke coming out while vaping?
  1. 1. Please check that the rubber stopper at the bottom/top of the pod has been removed.

    2. Check for condensate build-up and blocked ventilation holes on the left and right sides of the stem, clear them and try again. Use a paper towel to clean it and tap the base of the cartridge on a flat table to break up the condensation.

    Press the four small brass dots on the bottom of the cartridge & try moving the cartridge around in the device to see if it contacts in place, or try replacing the cartridge.

🔽 Q:My device unable to charge, what should I do?
  1. Please check that the wiring is correct, RELX Classic uses Micro USB for charging and RELX Infinity uses USB Type-C for charging.
    All RELX series products do not support fast charging and do not support overcharging (Over 1 hour).
    After ruling out the problem of human-induced battery damage, you can try to remove the overcharge protection by repeatedly puffing the pod 10 times.

🔽 Q:My pods is leaking, what should I do?
  1. Don't worry, what you are inhaling should be condensation. It is normal for condensation to occur during the atomization process. Please take small puffs and smoke evenly to get the best atomization heating. Regularly clean the inside of the stem for condensation build up and to keep the air inlet open, take tissue or gently wipe the inside of the stem.

    Slight leakage is a normal phenomenon, because of the different air pressure inside and outside, wipe clean. If the E-liquids leakage is serious, you can contact customer service: RELX UK official WeChat:【RELXUK】 or contact us via email:【info@Myrelax.co】

🔽 Q:Am I buying a genuine product?
  1. Please make your purchase at the official website:www.relxvape.co.uk 
    Click to enquire - Offline channels 
    Authenticity Verification.Please take a photo of the product information and send to our email to confirm the authenticity of the product: via email: 【info@Myrelax.co】,
    Customer Service WeChat: 【RELXUK】or contact us 【0203 375 1676】

🔽 Q:Who do I contact after sales to activate the warranty?
  1. Please click - 【Activate the warranty】  Perform the activation process
    Please contact the official RELX UK WeChat:【RELXUK】
    Contact us via email:【info@Myrelax.co】