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Campus Ambassadors!

Who are we looking for

We're on the hunt for passionate, creative individuals like you to champion our brand and bring a wave of new possibilities to campus life!Why Get Involved in our Campus Campaign?

Why Get Involved in our Campus Campaign

Dealing with hangovers and class the next morning? Struggling under the weight of exams and assignments? Worry no more, Upswing is here to banish your hangover blues. 

Tired of a campus littered with cigarette butts butI needing that break-time stress reliever? Don't hesitate, RELX and WAKA are I here to help construct a 1 cleaner, more relaxed, smoke-free campus.

Struggling to dive into the party vibe? Allergic to alcohol but still needing to socialize? Rena is here to foster an alcohol-free, joyous campus

If you're a social butterfly who study hard and want to play harder, then you are the right person to do this.Come join us, and be our Campus Ambassador!

What's in it for you

  • Lead the trend wave on campus and promote our brands
  • Join forces with our brand to co-create campus promotional events
  • Gain valuable marketing and PR experienced
  • Develop leadership skills and teamwork abilities
  • Build a wide social network and make friends from diverse background

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