Is Your Vape Device Not Working?

my device not working
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My device won’t charge!
I took a puff, but there’s no vapor…
My device is leaking!
Why is my battery indicator blinking?
The pod tastes weird or burnt…

My device won’t charge!


1. When plugged in, is your RELX's charging light turning on? 

If not, try a different cable or socket. 

2. Is your RELX dirty? 

Sometimes dust, dirt, or foreign objects can prevent charging. You can use a cotton ball or dry tissue to clean the RELX's charging points. 

3. Is your RELX damaged? 

Sometimes dropping it from heights or getting it wet will cause it to malfunction. Please contact our team and we will do our best to help you fix it. 


I took a puff, but there’s no vapor…

  1. Make sure your RELX is charged (at least 10 minutes). 
  2. If the pod is new, make sure the bottom silicone seal is removed. 
  3. Try a different pod to see if it's a pod problem.  
  4. Finally, make sure your RELX is clean. You can use a dry tissue or cotton swabs.



My device is leaking!

  1. Do not puff while laying down; try to keep the RELX upright.
  2. Avoid shaking your RELX device.
  3. Light leaking can occur from changes in air pressure or extreme temperature. It’s okay!


Why is my battery indicator blinking in a weird way?


1. Blinking Red: 

This is your RELX's way to say that there is a simple problem. Either your RELX has a low battery or the pod has been inserted incorrectly. Or, if you have taken too many puffs, your RELX is letting you know to slow down a little. 

2. Blinking 2x White and 2x Red: 

Your RELX is resetting, probably due to a charging source that is too weak or too strong. Please use the charger that came with your RELX and keep it plugged in for 10 minutes. 

3. Abnormal Blinking in Another Way: 

Your RELX could have some liquid inside it and is having an electrical malfunction. 

Try cleaning and "reverse puffing" (blowing out) to clear any vape juice blockage. 



The pod tastes weird or burnt…

1. We recommend finishing a pod within 15 days of opening it for the best flavor experience. 
2. If your pod's e-liquid is too low, it could affect the taste. 
3. Remember to keep your RELX upright when puffing! 

vape pod taste bunrt


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