Important Safety Tips When Using Vape Juice



Traveling with Vape Juice
Vape Juice Safety Tips
Accidentally Ingesting or Coming in Contact with Vape Juice

When using any form of vaping device, it's important to know a few safety tips when handling the vape juice within the cartridge. Always use precaution when handling your vape. Misguided vape use may lead to unexpected and unsafe results. 

If you're getting ready to travel with your vape, it's important to learn about the rules and regulations. Planes, trains, and other forms of public transportation come with their own limitations and protocols regarding vaping devices. We'll cover those guidelines below and discuss some added safety tips for what to do if the vape juice comes into contact with your skin, eyes, or even your clothes. 

Traveling with Vape Juice

You'll be glad to know that you can travel with your vape. However, be sure to learn about the protocols set by the TSA and other transport authorities. We'll break down these regulations below: 

Traveling by Plane

While it's a relief for vape enthusiasts to know they can travel with their vapes, there are some important rules to follow when traveling with your vapes and cartridges. There are many dos and don'ts when it comes to vapes in airports. 

Before you think to bring your vape on a plane, be sure to check that vaping is allowed at your destination. Some countries have made it illegal to vape or use vaping products. 

Carry on Bags vs. Checked Luggage

Always make sure that your vape is packed in your carry-on bag and never in your checked luggage. A good practice would be to separate your pod from the device so as to prevent any unwanted leaks from flowing into the device circuitry and accidentally causing an incident inflight.  

Remember to never vape or charge your battery on the plane. It is prohibited and very dangerous. 


Lithium batteries are prohibited from traveling in checked luggage, according to the Federal Aviation Administration

When bringing your vape onto a plane, be sure to detach the battery if possible. There have been incidents where the battery was left in a vape device, eventually overheating and causing a fire mid-flight. 

Bring a battery case so that you can avoid any malfunction while in the air. 

Traveling by Trains and Public Transportation

Similar protocols exist for trains and public transportation. While it's legal for you to have a vape in your possession when using these modes of transportation, it is illegal to smoke while in transit. 

One difference is that you are not required to take apart your vape in order to board these trains and busses. 

If you disregard the rules and continue to vape in no-smoking zones, you may be asked to get off the train or bus or be subject to a fine or greater punishment. 

Vape Juice Safety Tips

In addition to traveling, it's important to use caution when storing vape juice at home, especially around kids. Also, be sure to know what to do if vape juice comes in contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. We'll cover these safety measures below. 

Storing Vape Juice Safely around Kids

If you have young children around, or even pets, you need to be extra vigilant about where and how you store your vaping supplies, like vape juice or e-cigarette pods. Try to store these products in high places out of reach of minors and pets, or in securely locked boxes. It’s important to take these precautions so that your small children or animals don’t accidentally get access to a bottle of this chemical. 

E-liquids and pure nicotine are flammable, so be sure to store them in a spot that’s dark and cool. Never leave your vape juice or e-liquid near heat sources. Cool and dark storage also helps preserve your vaping liquid lifespan as well.

Child-Proof Caps

In addition to storing your vape juice cartridges in hard to reach places, it’s important to use child-proof caps when possible. Although they are not impenetrable, they will slow down the access of these products from unintended users.

Vape Juice Spills

Although some come as pre-filled cartridges, some e-cigarettes and vapes require manual refills. If you are manually refilling your vape juice, be careful. Nicotine in vape juice can be absorbed through your skin. These bottles are designed to minimize spills, but still be careful and clean up any spills immediately. It is recommended that you wear waterproof gloves while refilling any vape devices.

Disposing Vape Juice

When discarding vape juice, never pour the e-liquid down a drain. If you need to dispose of vape juice if it’s gone bad or any other reason, there’s a unique way to safely dispose of the chemical liquid. 

Empty the vape juice into a sealable plastic bag filled with an absorbent material like kitty litter before throwing it in the trash. This absorbs the liquid nicotine and keeps it from getting into groundwater. If an animal, child, or anyone else comes in contact with the trash, it will be more difficult for them to get sick from the discarded vape juice.

Accidentally Ingesting or Coming in Contact with Vape Juice

Be sure to inform yourself on what to do if vape juice comes into contact with any of the following bodily areas: 

Vape Juice in Eye: 

If vape juice gets in your eye, you need to irrigate the affected area with water immediately and seek help. Side effects of vape juice in the eye are pain, redness, and blurred vision. 

E-cigarette liquid and vape juice have a higher PH and acidity than our tears. This means that there’s a potential for lasting damage if it’s not treated immediately.

Vape Juice in Mouth: 

It is in no way safe or recommended to consume vape juice. E-Liquid and vape juice is considered a poisonous chemical if ingested. Side effects of vape juice in mouth and nicotine poisoning include headaches, skin rash or irritation, nausea, and heart palpitations. 

If they are swallowed in large liquid quantities, rinse out your mouth, and seek poison control help should side effects worsen.

Vape Juice on Skin: 

The reason to be concerned with vape juice on the skin is nicotine. If you happen to spill a nicotine-free e-liquid onto your skin, there's no reason to be concerned. If, for any reason, you happen to spill some nicotine-containing vape juice on your skin, wash the affected area immediately. Soap isn't necessary when removing vape juice from the skin, since the liquid is water-soluble. 

The amount of nicotine absorbed in your skin from a spill is nowhere near the amount that risks nicotine poisoning. However, observe for any symptoms of nicotine and visit a doctor when any symptoms emerge. 

How to get Vape Juice out of Clothes

Vape juice can be a troublesome stain to get out of clothes and other fabric. This is because of propylene glycol which has an oily nature.

To treat vape juice stains, add some drops of mild dish detergent to a fresh, wet rag or washcloth. Then, blot the stain and rinse. Keep repeating this step as needed. If the vape juice stain remains, you may try using a dab of a harsher cleaner like bleach. Be mindful that bleach may also alter the color of the fabric you're treating. 


As you've learned above, vape juice and e-cigarette liquids should be handled safely, especially around skin, eyes, mouth, and clothes. They also should be carefully stored in the presence of pets or young children. 

If you're planning on traveling with your vape, be sure to check with your airline to follow all the necessary rules and regulations. Never smoke or charge your vape on a plane, and never use your vape on a train or other form of public transit. 

Be sure to follow all of our safety tips above and vape responsibly!

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